About the CSIR and this portal

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As one of the largest Research, Development and Innovation organisations in Africa, the CSIR is serious about impact. Our mandate and focus is to improve the quality of life of the people of South Africa (and ultimately also the rest of Africa). Innovation is a cornerstone of this focus on achieving impact.

We achieve impact through a number of pathways, including through transfer of technology, knowledge, skills and people. The goal of our technology transfer activities is to improve quality of life, contribute to economic growth, create jobs and promote environmental sustainability in the country.

This portal is dedicated to our technology transfer activities. It serves as a repository of relevant information on how the CSIR performs technology transfer, what our technology transfer preferences are, who the relevant contact persons in the CSIR are, what technologies we currently have available for licensing, and so forth.

We welcome engagement from stakeholders, potential investors, entrepreneurs, potential licensees and other interested parties – please feel free to contact us!

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