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Description of documents

Term sheet template

Before one negotiates and concludes a full licence or other agreement, it is generally good practice to first negotiate and agree on the main terms of the agreement. This helps to avoid getting stuck in small details whilst the main terms of the agreement are still not agreed. The term sheet template provided here can serve as a framework to start the discussions / negotiations.

General Conditions of Contract

These are the standard terms and conditions when you contract the CSIR for research and development work.

Non-disclosure agreement

This is the CSIR’s standard non-disclosure agreement that allows for the CSIR and another party to exchange confidential / proprietary information.

Studentship deed of recordal agreement

This is the standard agreement to be used for all CSIR studentships. It is a tripartite agreement between CSIR, the student and the relevant university.

Commercialisation framework

This document describes the CSIR’s general preferences when commercialising technology. It helps provide a framework for commercialisation discussions.

Licensee due diligence guidelines

This document provides guidelines on how to perform due diligence on a potential licensee.

Benefit sharing framework

This document describes the CSIR’s benefit sharing framework – i.e. how passive income (e.g. licence fees, milestone payments, royalty payments) from licensed CSIR technology is distributed in the organisation.

BBBEE approach

This document describes the CSIR’s approach to BBBEE as it relates to technology transfer through licensing and new ventures.

Entrepreneur documents

These documents provide information on the selection criteria for entrepreneurs wanting to license CSIR technology, as well as the CSIR’s Entrepreneur-in-residence programme.

IP and university collaboration

This document provides information on CSIR’s approach to IP management in different university collaboration contexts.

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