Our activities

The R&D Outcomes staff in the Operating Units and the staff in the central Licensing & Ventures office work closely together to provide a suite of services to CSIR staff members, stakeholders, licensees, entrepreneurs and other interested parties in the fields of IP management and technology transfer.

Here is a summary of our activities and services:

Policy, process and guideline development on IP and technology transfer

Policy development on IP and technology transfer
Design of processes and guidelines in support of IP and technology transfer policies

IP services

Advising on appropriate protection strategies for inventions, software and knowledge
Evaluation of invention merit (invention triage)
Advising on addressing infringement
Building, maintaining links with IP service providers (e.g. patenting services)
Valuation of IP

Compliance with IPRPFRD Act

Interpretation and guidance in respect of the IPRPFRFD Act
Monitoring and facilitating compliance with the IPRPFRD Act

Awareness and capacity building

Creating awareness of IP & innovation and how to manage it
Building competence in management of inventions, formal IP and the processes to create, protect and commercialise IP
Capacity development programmes


Coaching to pitch opportunities to funders
Linking into networks – venture capital and angel investment, government funding schemes, entrepreneurs, incubators, etc.
CSIR Seed Fund – to support pre-seed and seed activities. Read more.

Commercialisation services

Development of business plans (business models, market research and analysis, techno-economics, financial modelling, etc)
Technology marketing
Venture creation; new spin-outs, start-ups, joint ventures
Deal structuring (advisory and licensing / contract negotiation support)
Drafting and execution of licence and other technology transfer agreements
Creation of and advice on commercial vehicles including registration, tax guidance, and compliance matters
Obtaining Executive approval for licensing

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