Doing business with us

This page provides some basic information on how you can do business with the CSIR when it comes to technology transfer. Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions.

In most instances, yes. You can read more about the incentive scheme at:

For SME’s looking to license CSIR technology

  • Info on CSIR assistance and collaboration with Small and Medium Enterprises

For Entrepreneurs looking to license CSIR technology

  • Info on CSIR Entrepreneur Selection Criteria
  • CSIR Entrepreneur info brochure

For Inventors & Entrepreneurs

  • Basic guide on steps to follow with a new invention

For Companies looking to license CSIR technology

  • Info on CSIR’s commercialisation preferences
  • Info on CSIR technologies available for licensing

For Angel and Venture Capital Investors interested in CSIR opportunities

  • Please contact us to discuss investment opportunities!

For Experienced Entrepreneurs looking to mentor CSIR entrepreneurs & entrepreneurs and advise on technology commercialization

  • Info on CSIR’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Programme
What are the CSIR’s preferences in terms of technology transfer (e.g. our approach to licensing)?
  • The CSIR Commercialisation Framework provides an overview of our preferences with regards to technology transfer.
Where can I find information on technologies available for licensing?
  • You can find it on this website – see the “Technologies available for licensing” menu item (or click here).
  • You can also read the CSIR’s magazine on new technologies and developments, called ScienceScope.
Who can I contact to discuss a technology that I am interested in?
  • Documents detailing technologies available for licensing also list the relevant contact person.
  • You can also contact the R&D Outcomes manager for the unit / centre that developed the technology that you are interested in. See the “Meet the team” page.
  • If you want to know more about the R&D focus areas / activities of specific CSIR units or centres, you can read more on the CSIR’s main website.
  • For general enquiries, please contact the CSIR Licensing & Ventures office.
I am an entrepreneur interested in linking up with a CSIR technology or group. What are the options?

        CSIR is always interested in talking to experienced entrepreneurs. There are two main options:

  • CSIR Entrepreneur Pool – You are looking for a technology that you can license to commercialise – please have a look at our entrepreneur selection criteria, and then contact us as described above.
  • CSIR Entrepreneur-in-Residence Programme – You are an experienced serial entrepreneur that would like to mentor CSIR entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and advise on technology commercialisation – click here to read more.
Where can I find more information about CSIR’s technology transfer activity?
  • You can read more about our annual patents, licences and royalties here, as well as in the CSIR’s Annual Report.
Does money that I spend on R&D at the CSIR qualify for the South African R&D tax incentive?

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