CSIR technology transfer process

At the CSIR, the technology transfer process begins with an invention / technology disclosure which is evaluated to determine whether or not the technology concerned should be patented or protected by other means.  Once appropriate protection is obtained, or an enabling technology package assembled, efforts take place to identify the most suitable mechanism for transfer.  Most commonly, this involves granting a license to one or more existing companies to further develop and market the technology, but in some cases a new venture or start-up company may be formed especially for the purpose of commercialising the technology concerned.

There are many different representations of the technology transfer process (just do a Google image search on “technology transfer process”!). The CSIR’s technology transfer process is depicted in the diagram below. The diagram is just a guideline, and the technology transfer process does not always proceed linearly in the fashion depicted. External parties can become involved in the process at any point.

CSIR technology transfer process

CSIR technology transfer routes

CSIR technology transfer model

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