CSIR Instant Access™ Licensing: fast and easy access to CSIR technologies

CSIR Instant Access licensing logo symbol_final_LargeThe CSIR understands that negotiating full licence agreements is sometimes a daunting prospect, especially for small and medium businesses (SMEs), and especially when the technologies are unproven in the marketplace and/or require further development.

In order to lower the transactional cost and the barriers to access to CSIR technologies, the CSIR has introduced the CSIR Instant Access™ licensing programme. This programme consists of a standard, 3 page licence agreement with simplified terms. The licence is free, although a minimal R 1000 licence fee per annum is charged, or 1% royalty on sales (if any), whichever is the greater. The licence provides the company with a non-exclusive right to assess and commercialise the CSIR technology for a period of up to 3 years.

CSIR Instant Access Licensing logo symbol finalTechnologies available under this programme are designated with the CSIR Instant Access™ symbol  – see our Technologies Available for Licensing listing.

Companies that have identified a technology that they are interested in, can submit a short motivation regarding their interest in and plans for the CSIR technology – see our Contact Page.

We look forward to engaging with you on this exciting CSIR initiative!

Note: This initiative is similar to the InnovUS Instant Access™ licensing programme run by Stellenbosch University and is part of a joint effort to simplify access to technology and to promote easily understandable and common terms and approaches.


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