CSIR’s approach

Intellectual property (IP) management and technology transfer are important activities for enhancing the impact of the CSIR’s R&D, by facilitating the application and use of products and services developed at the CSIR, by companies who can take them to market, and ultimately by communities and end-users who can benefit from them.

Successful technology transfer may also generate new income streams for the CSIR, which can be ploughed back into R&D and used to create incentives for CSIR innovators. IP management activities at the CSIR aim to ensure the effective identification, disclosure, protection and management of discoveries and inventions, to facilitate deliberate and informed decision-making in respect of how the IP concerned can best be utilised for the benefit of society and the economy.

Effective IP management and technology transfer can support the CSIR to:
• ensure that the outcomes of scientific research benefit the economy and society;
• attract funding for existing or new R&D programmes;
• generate income for the organisation;
• attract research partnerships through an attractive IP portfolio;
• facilitate wider interaction between the research community and industry; and to
• carry out its mandate ‘to foster industrial and scientific development’ and ‘to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the people of South Africa’.

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