Portable talking computer for the visually-impaired

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SAnote is a low-cost/affordable portable talking computing device for the visually impaired. SAnote uses open source technology to fulfil the ICT needs of visually impaired users. It is a battery-driven standard keyboard comprising standard computer hardware. Voice synthesis guides the user through the menu system and is available in multiple indigenous languages (currently English, Sepedi, Setswana and Afrikaans).

The user interface is an easy-to-use menu navigation system combined with a file browser, both of which give easy access to various applications. Enhanced audio functionality enables the keyboard to capably record audio in varying environments and play it back later, with adequate battery life. Its uniqueness lies in its locally produced software combined with custom-built local hardware.


Low cost/affordable, talks, keyboard records audio for playback later, South African voices


Communications device for the visually impaired

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Nirvashnee Seetal,

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