Nanosecond ultra-compact laser -Instant Access

NanosecondA packaged, miniaturized and rugged high efficiency diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser designed for systems with limited space.

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Technology field / OU or Centre

Lasers/CSIR National Laser Centre

Technology summary:

A packaged, miniaturized and ruggedized Nd:YAG laser system with the following nominal parameter set

  • Pulse width:                ~1.5 ns.
  • Peak power output:     >3.5 kW

Pulse repetition rate:   >100kHz


Systems with limited space and services requiring a laser


Packaged, miniaturized and ruggedized

Intellectual property:

The NLC has built an extensive degree of know-how on how to customize
these lasers for client’s needs and applications and in so doing established a
portfolio of designs and manufacturing trade secrets.

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