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The Conference Significance IndexTM (SI) is a measure, analogous to the impact factor (the most popular citation index) for scientific journals, that gives an indication of the relevance / quality of a conference, and allows for ranking of conferences within and between disciplines.

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Technology description (summary):

A Conference Significance IndexTM (SI) is proposed to rank conferences.It takes into consideration the prominence of the plenary and keynote speakers of the conference, which is a good proxy for the quality of the conference, and normalises this with an impact factor measure that is linked to the top journals in the specific field of the conference, in order to account for differences in citation levels between scientific disciplines.


Ranking of conferences in terms of quality, relevance and importance, as well as an indication of the value of oral, invited, keynote and plenary contributions by individuals.

Benefits/ advantages:

The SI can assist people to make decisions in terms of which conferences they want to submit abstracts for oral presentations to, which conferences are worthwhile to attend, etc. It enables ranking of conferences in specific fields, which would be very beneficial in view of the proliferation of conferences over the past few years.

It also provides a way for others to assess the quality of a conference where a person has made a plenary, keynote, invited or contributed oral presentation and thus infer something about the value/quality of the person’s contribution, in the same way that the journal impact factor provides an indication of the quality of the journal in which a person has published (and by extension, provides some indication of the quality of a person’s publication).

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