How distributed innovation is changing the way the world works…

OpenMind logoSocial production, and in particular peer production, is changing the way the world works.


Benkler discusses these developments in an excellent article called “Distributed Innovation and Creativity, Peer Production, and Commons in Networked Economy“.

From the article: “Where the physical capital requirements of a project are either very low, or capable of fulfillment by utilizing pre-existing distributed capital endowments (like personally owned computers), where the project is susceptible to modularization for incremental production pursued by diverse participants, and where the diversity gain from harnessing a wide range of experience, talent, insight, and creativity in innovation, quality, speed, or precision of connecting outputs to demand is high, peer production can emerge and outperform markets and hierarchies.”

Some of the good examples provided are Wikipedia (which put Microsoft’s Encarta out of business), TripAdvisor and the Apache web server software (which is the dominant web server software in the world today).

Well worth a read!

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