Request for Expressions of Interest: Commercialisation Partners for CSIR’s Text-to-Speech Technology (Qfrency)

This Request for Expressions of Interest is now closed.

The CSIR Meraka Institute has developed commercial grade text-to-speech voices – a South African English female voice and an Afrikaans female voice, with plans to develop additional voices in the remaining official languages as funding becomes available. These voices together with the text-to-speech (TTS) engine used to synthesise the synthetic voices constitute a technology package called Qfrency. The TTS engine and TTS voices are, in principle, customisable to the end user’s needs and language. More information can be found at

The CSIR wishes to identify a commercialisation partner(s) which will assist us in taking the Qfrency offering to market. Such a partner(s) would licence the technology from the CSIR and be responsible for reselling, hosting and supporting Qfrency.

More information is available in the Request for Expression of Interest document.

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