A high-performance gas barrier coating for plastics packaging

The CSIR has developed an oxygen and carbon dioxide gas barrier coating for plastics packaging. The coating has outstanding oxygen barrier performance (about 10x improvement over PET).

Technical Field / Operating Unit or Centre:

Barrier plastics packaging / CSIR Materials Science and Manufacturing

Technology Description:

This technology has application as a packaging material and comprises a polymeric base layer which is applied as a coating to the surface of a (polypropylene or PET) plastic container. It thereby provides a barrier against oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gases from penetrating into the container or escaping from the container, respectively.  The technology therefore acts to preserve and protect the quality of the food substance being stored in the container.  The CSIR has patent rights granted with some territories still pending, and a technology package which describes how the technology can be implemented.

 The technology is at an advanced stage of development and will ultimately require capital expenditure for the set up of a container coating line.  The technology can be established as a green fields operation or as a turnkey add on for an existing packaging operation.  The technology can also be applied to flexible films.

Contact: Delon Mudaly



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