AziSA – an open protocol for data acquisition and communication in the mining industry

AziSA is an open protocol for data acquisition and communication in the mining industry. It describes a backbone for standardised wireless sensor networks in the mining environment.

Technical Field/Operating Unit or Centre

CSIR Centre for Mining Innovation

 Business Opportunity:

AziSA is an open protocol for data acquisition and communication. The business opportunity lies in the larger market for AziSA enabled sensors as AziSA infrastructure becomes more widely deployed.

Technology Description:

AziSA (Zulu for ‘make known’) is a protocol that was designed to enable mining companies to have dynamic, continuous risk assessment of potential dangers during mining operations. AziSA is not a product per se, but a series of protocols that facilitates data acquisition and underground control.

The protocol describes a backbone for standardised wireless sensor networks. It is an open protocol for connecting to sensors, getting measurements and controlling actuators. It is also a data communication system that uses power line carrier over already installed mine power cabling, or any existing data communications infrastructure. It can support data mining tools by using computational intelligence to distil the input from a vast array of sensors into knowledge that can be mustered for real-time decision-making.

With AziSA, mine operators will be able to easily quantify dust and noise levels aiding in making decisions in the best interest of the health of workers. It can also serve as an early warning system for potential rockfalls.


Risk assessment of underground mining operations

 Benefits / Advantages:

Enables tighter operation control in an underground mining environment

Facilitates widespread deployment of disposable sensors in labour intensive drill-and-blast sections underground

Facilitates a safer and healthier working conditions for miners

Can use existing mine power cabling for communications


The intellectual property is open and can be accessed by anyone with an interest by contacting the CSIR


The team within the real-time risk management group at the Centre for Mining Innovation.



 Contact:  Declan Vogt

Van Zyl Brink

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