The new IP Rights from Publicly Financed R&D Act (IPRPFRD Act – see also the regulations published 2 August 2010) aims to achieve more effective utilisation of IP emanating from publicly financed R&D.  As a beneficiary of such funding, the CSIR needs to ensure that its IP is identified, protected, utilised and commercialised for the benefit of the people of South Africa, in accordance with the requirements of the Act and its implementing Regulations.  These set out provisions for the disclosure, reporting and licensing of IP and grant rights to the South African government to use IP for national health, security or emergency needs and to ensure effective commercialisation.  The Act establishes a National IP Management Office responsible for monitoring compliance and providing support for IP management to recipients of publicly financed R&D.

Other legislation
Patents Act
Designs Act
Copyright Act
Trade Marks Act
Plant Breeders’ Rights Act




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