CSIR’s biotechnology spin-off company wins prestigious new product award at an international science exhibition

  ReSyn Biosciences, a biotechnology spin-off company from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), has won a prestigious new product award at the Society for Lab Automation and Screening (SLAS) conference for its range of innovative MagReSyn® products, which help scientists find disease mechanisms faster. For more info click here:


Four of the 10 nominees for this year’s Innovation Prize for Africa are South Africans.


Food safety and hygiene awareness training for school food handlers

CSIR recently presented a training course on food safety and hygiene awareness to food handlers for five schools in the Eastern Cape. The training, presented at Arthur Mfebe and Siyabalala Senior Secondary Schools, was attended by 17 food handlers and local officials. The main objective of the program is to create awareness on food safety […]

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Conference Significance Index™ – an indicator of the relevance, quality and importance of scientific conferences- Instant Access

The Conference Significance IndexTM (SI) is a measure, analogous to the impact factor (the most popular citation index) for scientific journals, that gives an indication of the relevance / quality of a conference, and allows for ranking of conferences within and between disciplines. Technology field / OU or Centre Information science Technology description (summary): A […]


Nanosecond ultra-compact laser -Instant Access

A packaged, miniaturized and rugged high efficiency diode pumped solid state (DPSS) laser designed for systems with limited space. Technology field / OU or Centre Lasers/CSIR National Laser Centre Technology summary: A packaged, miniaturized and ruggedized Nd:YAG laser system with the following nominal parameter set Pulse width:                ~1.5 ns. Peak power output:     >3.5 kW Pulse […]


High quality and efficiency lasers through improved resonator design-Instant Access

A cost effective  laser resonator that delivers a perfect (Gaussian) high energy output beam with up to 250% increased power output using diffractive optical elements Technology field / OU or Centre Lasers/ CSIR National Laser Centre Technology summary: Diffractive optical elements (DOEs) are thin phase elements that operate by means of interference and diffraction to […]


Real time control of Laser modes using intra-cavity Digital Holograms (Digital Laser) – Instant Access

Real time Laser control method to create on demand laser modes using an electronically addressed intra-cavity holographic mirror. This technology enables users to generate specific spatial profiles and to change their manufacturing process cost effectively Technology field / OU or Centre: Lasers/CSIR National Laser Centre Technology description: It is well-known how to control the spatial […]


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